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Introduction to Heavy Equipment (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

The course is designed for the first-year apprentice and gives a basic knowledge of various pieces of construction equipment, their primary parts, main lubrication points, controls, proper and safe operational procedures.

First Aid (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

The American Red Cross Standard Fist Aid and Personal Safety Course is taught by a certified instructor.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding(15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

Nomenclature and safety precautions, proper care and use of oxy-acetylene equipment. Fundamental experience in shop practices and techniques as related to trade practices acquired in lab work.

Construction Seminar Accident Prevention and Safety (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

This course is designed to give apprentices an overview of social practices that can lead to their inability to function in a safe manner in the work environment of heavy equipment operator. Includes substance abuse, counseling and safe work habits.

Electric Welding (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

Theory and practice of electric arc welding. Majority of time is spent in welding lab practice.

Fuels and Lubricants (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

Introduction to basic petroleum refining and the fundamentals of lubrication.  Emphasis is placed on the study of gasoline, diesel fuels and motor oils – with respect to their derivation, make-up and application.

Rigging (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

The proper use of rigging tools and materials.  Splicing and knots, wire and manila rope, load capabilities, use of hooks, shackles, thimbles, blocks etc.

Hydraulics (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

This course is designed to give the apprentice the basic knowledge of hydraulic systems, a secondary power source.

Combustion Engines (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

This course is designed to introduce the apprentice to combustion engines, their components, functions and preventative maintenance.

Construction Seminar (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

Seminar treatment of heavy construction procedures, blueprint reading, surveying principles, water problems, soil mechanics, paving, batch plant operations and foundations.

Basic Electrics (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

Theories and relationships of electrical science as applied to such equipment as batteries, starter systems, ignition systems, generators, voltage regulators, and light systems.

Shop Math (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

Basic Mathematics as applied to the shop and the trade.

Diesel Engines (15 Weeks – 3 Hours Per Week)

The diesel engine cycle, methods of injection, combustion chamber designs and engine control with respect to high speed diesel engines. Performance variable of the various types of diesel engines and those of the industrial gasoline engines including two and four stroke engines.