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 When we take the union oath we pledge to support our brothers and sisters in Local 138. 

That pledge isn’t just a bunch of words. It’s a fact. It’s a way of life. It’s a promise we make to each other.

That means we are there for our union brethren when times are good or bad.

And for one of our Brother Members of our union family times are very bad.

Our union brother Rich has been in the Local for over 20 years and now and is in desperately poor health. He, and his family, needs financial assistance that goes above and beyond what they are receiving from their benefits program. They need the help that their Local 138 brethren can offer through a donation of any amount that will comfort them at a time of real personal crisis.

I ask you to join with me and your fellow union men and women here at the Union Hall so that we may make good on that pledge we make to ourselves and to each other that  we will always stand with our union family – in good times and in bad. 

And when people ask you “what good is a union these days” you will be able to say “we stand with our own.”

Richard's GoFundMeLink 




LIRR Safety Training Class:   Date/Time: April 17th @5:00 PM.

The class will be a held in the Union Hall.


Attention all Local 138 Members:

Silica Safety Card information Please call the Union School                        (631-286-8677)

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Upcoming Events


Apr 17
LIRR Safety Training Class      Time: 5:00PM Wednesday. Please contact Connie at the hall if you would like to sign up.


Apr 25
General Membership Meeting  Time: 6:00PM Union Meetings are held in the Union Hall.

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